The legacy begins with the first experience! Matthew 6:33

LegacyHunts exists for kids and families to experience excellence outdoors and have shared memories that will last a lifetime.

LegacyHunts has served children, veterans, disabled, pastors, and individuals that have a desire to get outdoors and enjoy Creation! LegacyHunts partners with outfitters, guides, and ranches at no cost to those we serve.

We have a small Pro-Staff here in Victoria, Texas that loves to hunt and share that passion with others. Most of our LegacyHunts are word of mouth and never posted or promoted for financial gain or public interest. It is special to know we were a small part in someone’s life to provide an experience outdoors that might not have happened otherwise. LegacyHunts wants to glorify God and bring others to know His grace and kindness.

LegacyHunts also holds the Darryl Stewart Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Fund. This fund was established in honor of Darryl Stewart’s passion for the outdoors. Each year we provide a lifetime hunting and fishing license to an individual that has showed outstanding character and desire to honor God and love for God and others.